April 6

Tips for re-opening Hair Salons Safely

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The ongoing pandemic has caused many businesses to close their doors but as we start to implement reopening measures and allow employees and customers back onto the premises there are a number of factors to consider in order to keep them safe.

Starting on the 12th April customers will be allowed back in the premises and while this is an exciting time it does bring with it some challenges and important that staff are ready for these.

Employee Health and Safety

Its vital that implement workplace procedures to protect the health and safety of your staff. I’m sure that you have already got some, if not all of these, in place but consider these measures:

  • Ensure that there is an adequate supply of paper towels, soap and hand sanitiser to allow staff to maintain proper hygiene.
  • Keep all staff updated with changes and keep clear and regular channels of communication
  • Make sure that correct PPE is worn by staff and customers
  • Conduct a wellness check on staff each day to ensure they are well and record these
  • Implement proper and visible signage throughout the premises.
  • Establish a clean down policy and ensure all staff are aware of their role in this
  • Cleaning down of chairs, combs, brushes, scissors, dryers etc between clients will minimise the potential for contamination
  • Each customer should get a clean cape, towel , neck strip etc so try to ensure that you have a sufficient supply to avoid reuse during the day.
  • Ensure there is good ventilation through the salon
  • Avoid, where possible, staff sharing workplaces or equipment

Customer Health and Safety

Although the above will also protect your customers there are other factors that you need to consider when customers come on site.

  • Consider a wellness check similar to those for staff. This doesn’t have to be intrusive but could be a few questions about if they have suffered any symptoms of if any family member has
  • Limit the number of customers in the salon at any one time and allow a short time for clean down between clients.
  • Where possible utilise contactless payment
  • Ensure there is suitable signage on entrance to the premises so as to ensure customers are aware of their requirements
  • Keep staff areas closed off from customers and areas which can’t allow for social distancing should be closed off if possible.
  • Keep accurate records of customers who visit including names, contact information and time in and out of the salon.
  • Ensure that all operating plans are in compliance with government guidelines

Treatments and Patch Tests

We’ve been asked a lot about this recently and the advice in relation to patch tests hasn’t changed in that almost all insurance policies that provide Treatment cover have a similar condition that needs to be adhered to.
This is that you follow the product manufacturers guidance in relation to patch testing to ensure the safety of your clients. Failure to do so and record this can and usually does result in claims being declined.
This isn’t something that has been brought in due to Covid but is something that has been written into policies for a number of years.

Why are patch tests important?

We know that they are inconvenient and time consuming but they are done to protect the client from suffering any adverse reactions to the process of colouring their hair.

Some peoples skin is more sensitive than other which means that it can become red, dry, irritated and inflamed when they come into contact with a particular substance.

This can be a direct irritant and directly damage the skin or an allergen which trigger and allergic reaction that affects the skin.

Many permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes contain a chemical called paraphenylenediamine (PPD) which is known is a known irritant and allergen. Hair dyes containing PPD are safe to use providing that the instructions are followed. Failure to comply with the instructions could cause injury to yourself and your customer

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